Where do locals go to eat in nyc?

West Village Spot's quintessential nostalgic New York City dive bar. I know that eating delicious food for the soul probably isn't the first thing you think of when you dine in New York. That's also why I can't, with a clear conscience, let you leave town without eating an incredible New York bagel. Created by Christina Tosi, a famous pastry chef from downtown New York, this now iconic uptown bakery is one of those places you must eat in New York if you love desserts.

Fortunately, you have a very practical and incredibly knowledgeable local like me to help you discover exactly what is the best food in New York; foods you can't stop eating during your 4 days in New York. Quietly located on the Upper West Side of New York, you'll find this gem of a brunch spot that's absolutely one of the places you should eat in New York. So this list is mostly really good, cheap New York restaurants that you'll find scattered all over the city that never sleeps. Don't expect to have the place all to yourself, as locals know it's one of the many places to eat in New York.

Locally known as a dirty water dog, no trip to New York would be complete with ordering a classic New York hot dog. And now, insert drums here, please, it's time for my top picks for twenty-five places where you should eat in New York. If you like France almost as much as you like New York City, then this is one of the places you should eat in New York, since Buvette is basically like a dream come true for Francophiles. However, lucky for you, you now know that Sunny and Annie's Deli is one of the places you should eat in New York to enjoy a classic, egg with cheese and bacon.

They have their own tasty version of an Aperol Spritz, an excellent meat and cheese board and one of the best wood-fired pizzas in history. However, personally, I would stop by with some friends and buy their greatest hits package, which consists of a compost cookie, a slice of crack cake, birthday truffles (also good) and an ice cream soda with cereal milk with Cornflake Crunch on top. There are typical “city” spots that everyone is looking for, and then there are the real gems: restaurants that only locals will know where to find and when to go.

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