What are the 10 best restaurants in new york city?

Located in Park Avenue Tower, 65 East 55th Street, between Park and Madison Avenues, in downtown New York, Aquavit offers modern versions of modern Nordic cuisine, complemented by an extensive wine list and an Aquavit cocktail and infusion program. Eleven Madison Park expresses the spirit of great New York cuisine with a contemporary accent. Designed by Bentel & Bentel architects, with sky-high 30-foot ceilings and windows overlooking the beautiful Madison Square Park, the Art-Deco restaurant embodies an urban sophistication that. Le Bernardin, New York's internationally acclaimed four-star seafood restaurant, was founded in Paris in 1972 by the brother duo Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze.

While the address listed here is considered to be the original Wo Hop, the part of the restaurant at street level is called Wo Hop Next Door. Known as “the queen of soul food,” Sylvia Woods opened the doors of Sylvia's restaurant in 1962 and brought generous portions of Southern comfort food to Harlem. A staple of New York haute cuisine since 1962, La Grenouille personifies French cuisine and is often the standard by which other French restaurants are judged. Some consider brunch to be a sacred experience in New York, and this Lower East Side classic doesn't disappoint with its delicious bites and lively dining room.

The oldest restaurant in Chinatown serves fresh and always delicious dim sum, which are ordered from the menu instead of in the cart. Despite the many lives that New York has lived since it opened its doors in what was then remote Tribeca, the Odeon feels as much of the 80s as of the moment. While he has been in the United States since 1980, working his craft in Los Angeles and New York, Takayama's beginnings in Tokyo set the stage and set the stage and set the stage for it. Like many of the city's best restaurants, waiting for tables can be long, but items can also be brought and delivered to your home.

Although it has since become a far-reaching franchise, Nathan's Famous remains a true New York institution.

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